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Handyman- find skilled trades people and professionals
or advertise your business for free.

Place your business and skilled people adverts based on your local area…
This search option shows lists of professional and trades people in your area based upon area/post code/zip search. Use this area to also record handyman – tradeperson and professional adverts that are completely free with unlimited time. Adverts that are renewed from time to time will appear in the front pages of lists.
Search and Apply
Click on the button alongside ‘Handyman’ to see the first page of adverts. Continue looking through available lists until you see an advert that you might want to apply for. If you see an advert that relates to you then press the details link to read more about the advertiser. Press the button to see a list of adverts. button if you want to send a message and your username to the advertiser. Please note the record number adjoining the advert to avoid applying more than once to the same advert. The advertiser may wait several days before a reply and does NOT have to reply to any message.
Place Adverts
On the right and side of the homepage is the button in line with the ‘Handyman’ panel. If you want to set up an advert then press the button.

1: Select your country
2: Type in an area/post/zip code where you are organizing work or making your expertise available.(This is usually your local area or nearby area)
3: Select the number of days you want the advert on display (1-31).
4: Select a radio button choice for either manual or mental work type you are advertising. (This helps users zero in on broad categories of work)
5: Type in your brief advert in the ‘headline field’.
6: Type in further details that may include any useful information to encourage applicants. This may include a basic resume or similar information to promote your skills and experience.
One free advert is permitted per section such as Handyman.
If you already have an advert in the Handyman section it will post to headline and details fields for editing or deletion. Press the button if you know longer want replies or want to remove the advert. Go back to search to check your advert on display in the headline lists of adverts. Note: Each advert has an accompanying record number that you can record for reference.
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