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 WorkTrader\'s Trading Scheme

There are millions of people in society who cannot get work when plenty of work needs doing. Even more people are left to survive on meager incomes as a result of crazy economic systems with advanced technologies but poor social prospects for many. Economics will change in due course because people do not want to be held back as social freedom depends upon economic freedom to a large extent. It is no use relying upon the promise of boom cycles or globalization because this has been shown to be simply false. The globalization trend pulls our local industries apart on the back of very cheap labor in countries like China. There never has been a fair playing field in this regard.

Changes are coming and one of the aspects of a balanced and dynamic economy is to barter in various ways. There is a real need to make work barter a lot more effective and to help communities get jobs vitality on a local basis.

Work bartering is increasing as a result of recessions and even looming depressions. Some of these schemes are gaining ground in communities and yet the question has to be asked why there presence is largely dependent upon negative conditions instead of being a strong factor of any economy.

What can be done to make work barter a feature of everyday life and trading?

One of the most prominent work trading schemes for communities other than for businesses is known as the Local Employment Trading Scheme or LETS for short. This has had mild success but a number of weaknesses has held LETS back and is worthy of examination along with other ideas. Participants of LETS can accumulate credit points but not find someone to trade this credit with. This can be due to a lack of effective coordination and information mining. An Internet website that acts as a conduit for such schemes or more importantly as a nucleus for sourcing people who want to trade work and goods is one possible solution. The website needs to be well organized and not remote from the practicalities of everyday life. The focus should primarily be on developing local associations. Incentives are also required for active organizers or coordinators apart from the obvious benefit of reducing outlays or making savings by trading work for credit points, money or a combination of both. Another factor is to introduce a competitive aspect that makes trading an incentive without an actual barter exchange as sometimes maybe required. The members of the barter community agree in principle to trade at a discount (say) 10% to 20% less than the general prevailing market forces.

Users can also organize work in a way that ensures someone else or a third party is available to do the work. So instead of setting off a trade and just getting barter credit points, the condition of that trade is that someone has to be found who can also do the work. This is a way to make the network more active. Of course such a scheme can also be tied into local businesses who barter between themselves and also offer special deals to the network members.

Other related networks are emerging that promote the idea of \'social banks\'. These community based banks enables individuals to make loans to one another instead of being stymied by regular banks who withhold credit to people. Once a local barter network gets going the links to further social developments including job creation becomes increasingly feasible. Demands can and should be placed on governments as a result.

It is patently ridiculous that many people cannot get work when in fact there is already a great deal of wealth being generated and their are also so many tasks that need doing. Although this is a wider systemic issue there is no doubt that by getting \'savvy\' with work barter this is one way to help communities to realize the potential that lies in their hands by working together through barter prospects.

Some of the Internet sites that are pioneering approaches to work barter and community development are:

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